3×01 – Roboticus

Episode 3×01 – Roboticus

Plot: Sportacus is challenged by a new robot superhero, Roboticus, and needs to use all of his strength and SportsCandy to defeat him. Will Sportacus, with the help of the kids, be able to keep his place as LazyTown’s number one superhero?

My opinion: on one hand for me was strange watch new episodes 5 and half years but on the other hand  the feeling was only few months passed and not few years passed.

I will miss Julianna but I think Chloe did a good job. We only saw her in one episode and I think we should trust her.

The song was great! Very catchy!

I liked when Sportacus showed his debilities, he is the hero but all heroes show their debilities, their weak moments, he did it in this episode and I liked it.

It was a good episode. The return was good, cool gadgets for Sportacus and I liked the puppets and colours. The episode passed too fast but it was good. I agree with a Fan about maybe it was overshawoded by Robbie Rotten but it was OK.

I liked the part about kids tried to help Sportacus and he didn’t know their plans, it was a cute thing.

Episode directed by Magnús Scheving and written by Magnús Scheving, Máni Svavarsson and Ólafur S.K. Thorvaldz.

Release: Saturday, 6th April 2013 on Cartoonito UK at 9 a.m. and again at 4 p.m.

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